ADirects Engine
We provide advertising solutions based industry, marketing objectives and mobile channels.
We provide advertising solutions based industry, marketing objectives and mobile channels.
Industry Solutions
One-fits-all does not work in personalized advertising. Our research teams have developed artificial intelligence advertising solutions for e-commerce, gaming, financials and education service industries.
We segment audience using proven methods relating to a particular industry to better predict users’ purchase intention.
Real time production recommendation to individuals.
to drive conversions through optimization, using factors known to the industry.
to scale audience size at the existing conversion budget from clients.
Marketing solutions
Advertisers often target audience according their life cycles. ADirects can help to target users according to marketing objectives, at the given conversion costs.
Our technology allow product recommendations to users at different purchasing stages.
We have rich experience in selecting publisher resources, which helps marketing solutions.
Transparent measurement for conversion cost.
Mobile Solutions
Empowered by non-cookie data and machine learning, ADirects enables enable advertisers to engage any audience through the mobile channel. The data-driven display ads follow their unique and relevant viewers.
ADirects mobile platform helps to improve reach and engagement with given budget for brand advertisers, or improve ROI for performance. With unique non-cookie IDs to identify unique users across PC and mobile channels, we are able to help you improve reach through frequency control. We also use data to predict users interest, so that they will see ads that could be relevant to them.
Industry solutions
ADirects is industry leader in providing solutions for companies providing financial service products, including P2P loans, credit card, bank app etc. We have worked with a dozen leading brands in the category, and over 80% of contacts renewed every quarter.
ADirects help e-retailers to markedly improve sales by targeting customers with purchase intention. This include customers revisiting your site and prospective new customers.
Adirects helps game operators and game aggregators to acquire new customers, with existing cost of acquisition.
Marketing solutions
Acquiring new customers
We are confident to convert prospective new customers more effectively than anyone else. Firstly, we have built a massive non-cookie user data base which help us to identify a new users; secondly, we understand that the best period of convert is in the 2 weeks period when the customer first shows the purchase intention. Why let the opportunity go?
CRM onboarding
Let’s put your proprietary data to work. Thanks to our rich 3rd party data sources and artificial technologies, advertisers can use its CRM data for personalized advertising. Advertisers often rely on email and short messages to connect with their customers. However, if the product information does not meet their interest, chances are they will not even open the mail. ADirects is able to retargeting through mobile, social, desk top or emails, thus significantly improve CRM ROIs.
Awake sleeping customers
Past users often have the highest values. By promoting new products, you can turn sleeping customers back to be active. We will ask you to provide email or other customer ID information. Through ID matching, we will understand customers’ online interest and serve them personalized displays through their preferred digital channels.
Mobile Solutions
Mobile ads
If you are after performance, ADirects mobile ads can help with improve ROIs at your given budget. We work to improve CTRs, but this is not what we care. We care about the clicks that will bring in what is most important for you, which is to obtain more customers and sales through APP stores and web internet sites.
ADirects has access to major mobile exchangers and direct publishers. We can buy audience within the right media environment at right price.
Brand exposures
ADirects ’ mobile platform helps improve reach and ensure brand safety, by limiting campaigns within privately-bought inventories and eliminate audience overlap across advertising channels. We personalized advertisement to improve user engagement.
Acquire new app users
We search and convert new users from app stores and web, acquiring new users every day.
Improve app users usage
We help user activities after app’s download to bring in more orders, subscriptions, sales and etc.
Improve visit frequency and loyalty to unleash life time value.