ADirects Technologies
Adirects is a leading ad-tech company that delivers programmatic media buying across mobile, web, video and social channels. Its unique non-cookie big data and technologies create dynamic artificial intelligence, maximizing ROIs for digital media spend for advertisers. ADirects has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Fujian, servicing hundreds of leading brands and mainstream 4A agencies.
Our mission
Our mission is to make display advertising delivered to each individual, personalized. We follow the motto of delivering “ads on intentions”. This process will rely on the state of the art technologies, including non-cookie data, algorithmic analytics, machine learning, and dynamic creative optimizations, to best judge a users purchase intention, before delivering product recommendation. The ultimate aim is to improve user relevance through advertising, and increase sales and brand awareness effectively for advertisers.
Kai Lu CEO
Mr. Kai Lu leads product and technology development. He first joined ADirects' parent company GEO technologies as General Manager, DSP. He was appointed as CEO after the DSP business was moved to ADirects. Prior to ADirects, Mr Lu was Research Fellow at AOL, responsible for its Chinese language processing platform. After AOL, he became software architect at Yahoo, developing the natural language platform for the Yahoo search engine. During his time in Yahoo, he led search intention algorithm for the Asian market, and was the pioneer in applying ad-tech to recommendation systems.
ADirects helps our partners to grow their business. We see partnership is a fundamental part of success. If you have developed technologies in targeting, measurement and audience profiling, we want to explore the opportunity to work with you and share the success. If you have exchangers, SSP or publishers interested in RTB advertising, we want to drive the monetization effort with you.
If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us at